Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome to kovalachi's weekly word, this is my first post so I may as well say what I plan to write about with this blog, I plan on writing about movies, games, tech news, and whatever else strikes my fancy and update at least three times a week though that may change as time goes on. for my first write up I will be reviewing the movie going the distance which I saw last night. so first a description:

Going the Distance is about a couple that meets six weeks before Drew Berrymore's character Erin moves back from New York to California to attend Stanford and finish a degree on journalism, the first part of the movie focuses on their meeting and initial relationship, which goes far better than either of them expected. From there they decide to try to do a long distance relationship and deal with whatever trouble comes along with that, from being faithful, to trying to work out phone sex.

The movie was much better than I expected when I saw the previews, Justin Long and Drew Berrymore have an amazing chemistry and their relationship looks so real that it is easy to fall into their world and believe the movie is a peek at the lives of their characters rather than just a movie that someone wrote and pitched to a movie studio. The comedy of this movie is really good as well, and appeals really well to men that got dragged along by their girlfriend or wife to watch some chick-flick, as well as women that want to laugh. overall I would say this is one of the best movies I have seen in some time, though it may be tied or slightly behind The Other Guys as favorite releases this year. So to those that read this I really suggest going to see Going the Distance, it is well worth the money despite some less than stellar reviews from other sources.

Well that about wraps it up for today, hope those that read this far come back again, and bring some friends with you. Until next time.



  1. Welcome! :)

    Sounds like a pretty cute film if you ask me, i'll have to watch it sometime. Looking forward to seeing your reviews in the future ^_^

  2. thanks for the welcome and the comment, and I hope I can continue to find some good movies to review for you :-)

  3. nice man. i will keep an eye on this :) i hope to do some similar stuff in the future.

  4. This movies looks like its gonna be scary.